Holtech Tubular Heaters

Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are tube heaters that are run with electric, producing a low cost, low energy heating solution. Their design means they can be fixed to the wall and out of the way providing background heat for long hours without racking up energy bills.Tubular heaters work on any of the three principles of heating- conduction, convection, or radiation. A tubular heater produces heat within a confined area.Tubular heaters are typically a manufactured using a resistive coil placed inside a Metal tube and filled inside with insulating materials such as Magnesium oxide.A tubular heater is able to run for long hours unsupervised as they are very safe with no risk of fire. They are also very cheap to run at less than a penny an hour so won't drive up your bill if you need to run them for a long time.

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