About The Company


Holtech Heaters is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of Industrial Heaters. Please take a few minutes to review our website. Here you can find a list of our products including Immersion heaters , Defrost heaters, Cartridge heaters, Mica band heater, Ceramic heaters, Glass Heaters, Silicon Pad Heater, short wave infrared heaters, medium wave infrared heaters, all kinds of Hot Plates (Square & round), tank heaters, mould heaters, blow moulding heaters and more. Give us a call for your heating requirements.


Holtech Heaters mission is to always manufacture the best products with the greatest efficiency. In order to maintain a posture of sustained growth, our raw materials are sourced from industry leaders and pioneers all over the world.

our vision

Our mission remains total customer satisfaction through effective customer communication, on-time deliveries, and best products. We are committed to developing enduring business relationships through excellent customer service and open communication. Our customers appreciate our reliability, innovativeness & quality of products.


To give customers a wide assortment of customized heating elements with best Prices, guaranteed satisfaction, friendly service . We understands and satisfies the client requirement regarding the products, service and Prompt Delivery at the premises.